Tips To Prepare for Jee Main 2019

JEE mains cannot be dealt with just rigorous study routine because it asks far tougher questions than any board exams. Reliance on methods like rote learning and cramming at the last minute will not cut it. To get a reality check, one has to look at the nature and scale of the exam. The question asked in the exam are objective type with options designed to confuse students, accuracy is a key component in JEE Mains. The syllabus of the exam falls outside the domain of most board exams. Here, we have provided a few tips to help you study efficiently for JEE main 2019.


  • Start with the syllabus

Like mentioned, the syllabus for JEE mains is unlike any board exams. It includes advanced topics. It consists of all topics from Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics that are specified by the CBSE board. To ensure uniformity across the country, the syllabus is mapped according to the NCERT.

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  • Check out the exam pattern

JEE main exam includes only objective type questions. It is best to refer JEE Main 2018 question paperand previous year question papers to get familiar with the pattern. Being familiar with the exam pattern will save a lot of pain fro the candidate in the long run.

  • Take mock tests

The JEE mains can either be taken online or offline. It is aimed at more students opting for online mode to familiarize them with the functionalities of the exam. By taking the mock tests students will learn to keep a track of questions that are answered, unanswered, or marked for review and navigate between different sections. By taking mock tests students will get over the jitters regarding the online mode of examination.

  • Do sufficient revision

Revision increases confidence and reduces anxiety. Revision helps in the retention of what is being read. Revise as closely as possible. By this, we mean that when the time lag between understanding a concept and the revision is small, the understood concept will be fresh and requires minimum effort. By contrast, if the revisions are spaced apart,  one might not be able to recall what was read earlier, and moreover, it will be like reading it for the first time.


These were a few tips to help you ace the exam. With constant practice, grit determination and following the listed tips sincerely nothing can stop you from doing well in the exam. At BYJU’S, solve previous year JEE Main question paperand know the syllabus of the exam. Also, subscribe to BYJU’S youtube channel to learn tips and tricks to solve questions easily.


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