Best time management tips for IIT aspirants

Best time management tips for IIT aspirants

If there is an entrance that every student and every student looks forward to, it has to be IIT. There is no dearth of IIT aspirants in India and other countries too. The entrance can be cracked but the road to the success is not that easy. It needs the best strategies along with the best time management skills. The time management skills play an important role when you have to prepare for your 12th board and IIT JEE at the same time. With a proper routine and managed schedule, the journey won’t be as hard as it seems.

Top time management tips for IIT aspirants

The best part of the preparation for your 12th board and IIT is that the syllabus of 12th is in sync with that of IIT JEE. So making a correlation with the topics and subjects becomes easier. If you want to attempt and crack IIT JEE in one go, make sure to manage time between your board and the entrance. It should not be too difficult because whatever you learn in your 12th classroom will be needed in your entrance too. The only agenda you have is time management. You may get hassled between the 12th pressure and the entrance. Let us know the tips that you can follow-

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  • Cover the chapters: As you have your NCERT books to follow and you have 12 months before you write your board, you should cover one chapter of any of the three subjects that is Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics every day. On an average, you have 20 chapters in each subject. In 15 months, you have 365 days. If you complete doing a rough study of every chapter in 60 days, you will have approximately 305 days left. In total you will have 10 months after you have done the first reading and understanding of the 60 chapters of the three subjects.
  • One hour each for each subject: Now you need to start devoting one hour per day for each subject. In these three hours, you can either revise what has been taught in the class or study something new or practice mathematical problems.
  • Devote one hour extra for the weak area: By now, you must be able to gauge your weak areas and your strong areas. So, start investing one hour to emphasize on understanding the weaker areas so that you have a grip on them later because every chapter is important and so is every subject.
  • Complete your study by December: Whatever routine your follow, which depends on you and your comfort level. Being uncomfortable and following a routine will stand as an obstacle in the persistence. Try your routine and ensure to have completed the syllabus of 12th board by December so that you three more months for extra work.
  • Revision and test papers: Utilize the last three months to get the 11th standard books revised because your IIT JEE has questions from 11th and 12th standard both. Moreover, you will also be able to learn more because some of the basics of 11th standard are extended to your 12th That makes the understanding much easier. You should also start revising your 12th books and solving previous year question papers by setting an alarm. You will eventually know if you are able to cover everything in the designated time or not. You will be at ease after reaching this stage because you will have the result of the last few months in front of you.
  • More Test Papers after board: After you have appeared for the boards, you will have approximately one month to prepare for IIT. By now your concept on the subjects should be clear. You can therefore start referring to the reference materials and solve advanced level questions. Although your NCERT books work as your Bible, reference materials will add to your skills and knowledge.
  • 60%-40%: Your time should be dedicated in such a manner that you use 60% of the time for study for your theories and 40% of it for practicing technical questions. It is not necessary that you need to study for 10 to 12 hours a day. If you start the preparation from day one and kill every obstacle as and when they come your way, the road gets smooth and you are managing time at the same time. Instead of crossing the hurdle instantly, if you keep it for later, you will be bombarded with pressure at the eleventh hour.
  • Coaching: If you have plans of joining one year program for your IIT JEE, you can join an online coaching so that you don’t have to travel to places and eventually save time. Choosing online coaching will save that extra one hour that can be further utilized in revision. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Baby steps from day one will help you climb the mountain than taking a huge leap at the last moment. Regular study is the epitome of any entrance or board examinations. The secret to topping any examination is maintaining regular study time table irrespective of any function, event etc. You will have to anti-social for a year and there you go! You will hit the bull’s eye.

Author Bio:- Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of AskIITians an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical, and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.


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