How to Solve Jee Main Question Paper

How to Solve Jee Main 2018 Question Paper


How to solve jee main papers


In This article, we will tell you How to Solve Jee Main 2018 Question Paper. Most people would have read different articles on how to crack competitive exams but despite all that, they would have struggled the moment they wrote these tests. There are plenty of instances where students who had prepared for years would fall short of their expectations once the test results are out. Aspirants should frame a strategy to tackle the challenges that might pop up during the exams to address these issues. Here are some ways discussed below with which you would be able to tackle questions for JEE MAIN 2018.

Do an analysis of the paper:

The moment you get the answer paper, you should not hurry or rush to write the answer without having a go through the whole question paper. This would help you to assess the difficulty level of questions altogether. The moment you have categorised questions into easy, moderate and difficult ones, you should attempt the easier and moderate ones at the earliest so that there would be ample time to answer the difficult and lengthy questions. By adopting this method, you would be able to score more along with avoiding the possibility of being unable to attempt the high scoring questions.

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Solve the questions in cyclical order

As the exam is a moderate based one, it gives the option of attempting the questions by providing answer substitutes.  Try following an order that suits you and attempts the questions that come your way.  In case if it takes more than two minutes or so to answer, skip the question and move onto the next one.

Follow your own order of subjects

Aspirants are advised to follow an order that suits them in such a way that the strongest subject should be attempted first followed by the weakest subject and then solve the average subject. The strategy would work wonders as there are various benefits related to it. First, once you solve the easiest subject, a lot of questions would be cleared and helps to score faster while being a morale booster. Once you gain some confidence, it would help you to face the weakest subject after which the average subject could be tackled much easier.

Rely on your strong areas

This approach would help you considerably well as strengths would help you to overcome your weaknesses. For instance, aspirants could attempt Chemistry first followed by Physics or Math as even if you are weak in Chemistry and have to attempt this subject first, it offers a lot of opportunities to score and has less number of computations and saves a lot of time.

The points mentioned above would have given you an idea on how to have a go at exam at this level. Finally, the aspirants are advised to follow a strategy mentioned from the above list which suits their study plan to ensure success in their efforts.

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