JEE Advanced 2020 Syllabus

Preparing the important topics in JEE Advanced 2020 preparation is essential to ensure a good result. Many students are not able to score well in JEE Advanced despite preparing very hard and having a sound grasp over most of the topics. The main reason for this is that they do not prepare topics by importance. Here are the details of the most important JEE Advanced 2020 topics.

JEE Advanced 2020 Important Topics for Physics

There are about 21 themes in Physics syllabus for JEE Advanced 2020. Of these, the following can be prepared together for scoring better as constitute a major portion of JEE Advanced paper.

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  • Unit and Dimensions: Not only is this an important topic for preparing the overall syllabus but it is also scoring and easy. Students can answer easily by way of eliminating the wrong options in MCQs.
  • Gravitation and Electrostatics: These topics are time saving and scoring.
  • Electricity and Magnetism, and Thermal Physics: These topics are not only conceptually similar but also interrelated in certain aspects. A good ground can be covered by preparing these topics together.
  • Waves and Sound, and Optics: The variety of concepts is not too much and hence they are easier than many topics. Concepts are interrelated between these themes and with conceptual clarity, they can be a very scoring topic.
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases and Rotational Dynamics


JEE Advanced 2020 Physics Themes and Topics by Weightage

Preparing topics by weightage helps the candidates strategize better while preparing for JEE Advanced 2020. Here is the list of Physics topics for JEE Advanced by percentage weightage:

Paper I

Thermodynamics 14-15%
Electromagnetic Induction 21-22%
Optics 11-12%
Modern Physics 9-10%
Fluid Mechanics 11-12%
Sound Waves 4-5%
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision 6-7%
Alternating Current 6-7%
Wave Motion and String Waves 6-7%
Heat Transfer 6-7%


Paper II

Alternating Current 6-7%
Capacitors 9-10%
Current Electricity 6-7%
Electrostatics 6-7%
Gravitation 4-5%
Kinematics 4-5%
Magnetism 11-12%
Measurement and Errors 4-5%
Modern Physics 4-5%
Rotational Dynamics 29-30%
Vectors 4-5%
Wave Optics 5-6%


JEE Advanced 2020 Important Topics for Chemistry

There are about 25 topics to be covered for JEE Advanced Chemistry preparation. Chemistry is usually considered to the most scoring of the three subjects in JEE Advanced preparation. The following topics are most important from the point of view of scoring well in Chemistry.


  • Chemical Bonding and Periodic Table
  • Carbonyl Compounds and their Derivatives
  • Redox Reactions
  • Mole Concept
  • Solid State
  • Solutions
  • Theory of Gases
  • Thermochemistry


JEE Advanced 2020 Chemistry Themes and Topics by Weightage

Preparing or revising topics by weightage can help you strategize better in your preparation for JEE Advanced 2020. Here is the list of Chemistry topics for JEE Advanced by percentage weightage based in previous years’ trends:


Paper I

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 14-15%
Atomic Structure 14-15%
Chemical Bonding 4-5%
Organic Chemistry 11-12%
Solid State 4-5%
Coordination Compounds 4-5%
Electrochemistry 4-5%
P-Block Elements 13-14%
Thermodynamics 6-7%
Hydrocarbons 13-14%
Solutions 6-7%


Paper II

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 9-10%
Chemical Kinetics 6-7%
Electrochemistry 4-5%
Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical Processes 6-7%
Haloalkenes and Haloarenes 6-7%
Hydrocarbons 6-7%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 9-10%
P-Block Elements 22-23%
Solutions 4-5%
Some P-Block Elements 6-7%
Study of First Element: Hydrogen 4-5%
Surface Chemistry 6-7%
Thermodynamics 4-5%


JEE Advanced 2020 Important Topics for Mathematics

There are about 15 topics in JEE Advanced Mathematics Syllabus. Scoring well in Mathematics is the key to getting a good rank in JEE Advanced. Unlike Physics or Chemistry, no topic can be skipped in Mathematics, so the only way of marking focus areas is by weightage:


JEE Advanced 2020 Mathematics Themes and Topics by Weightage

This is the list of Mathematics topics for JEE Advanced by percentage weightage based on previous years’ trends:

Paper I

Application of Derivatives 14-15%
Ellipse 4-5%
Circles 9-10%
Parabola 11-12%
Definite Integral 11-12%
Permutations and Combinations 4-5%
Sequence and Series 4-5%
Matrices 11-12%
Limits and Continuity 6-7%
Hyperbola 6-7%
Probability 6-7%
Complex Numbers 6-7%


Paper II

3D Geometry 20-21%
Application of Derivatives 19-20%
Area of Bounded Regions 6-7%
Definite Integrals 13-14%
Differential Equations 4-5%
Limits and Continuity 6-7%
Matrices 4-5%
Probability 4-5%
Sets, Relations and Functions 4-5%
Theory of Equations 9-10%
Trigonometry 6-7%

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